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Writers Guidelines

Writers Guidelines


This is a big gamble for me. I do not like disappointing people, and as a writer, I hate rejection. Over the years I’ve had well-intentioned people send me so-called humor pieces without ever reading my guidelines.

Before you send a submission, here are a few points to understand.

1. Winsome Wit is not a paying market.

2. You’re giving us the right to post your piece on our site. You retain all copyright to your material and can sell it to other publications. If you want me to take it down, just send me a note.

3. Please read some of the material on this site before you send. (I’ll know if you haven’t)  I look for material that is well written, from a Christian vantage point, that interacts with culture. I enjoy satire, parody and similar styles. I’m not big on cute anecdotal accounts.

4. I’ll probably reject really good stuff that doesn’t fit the site, so don’t let me discourage you.

5. Just send the material to jabberwocky @ (the name of this website).

6. My goal is not to lampoon the church. There are others doing this, and it has its place, but think of this as lampooning culture with a winsome invitation to consider God’s alternative.


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